Showing The Bests Simply With CBD Oil Boxes

Showing The Bests Simply With CBD Oil Boxes
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The use of good equipment is also necessary for CBD oil packaging ​​not skimping on costs allows providing customers with products without risk of damage. Likewise, automating actions or choosing a professional scale to avoid paying additional shipping costs to add to the list of possible savings if attention is put in the right places.

Anonymizing the packages, that is to say not to show the brand of the product packaged on the cardboard in order to protect you against attempted thefts, for example. It places the product inside the package.

Packaging Makes Customer Satisfied and Retained

The Custom CBD oil boxes represent the purpose of the relationship between the e-merchant and the customer. This last impression has a major role in customer experience. For customers, the packaging is a reflection of the quality of service offered by e-merchants. The same product received in good packaging will be perceived better than in poor quality packaging.

The aesthetics of the packaging also play a role in this quest for loyalty. Regarding this point, it is not necessary to have an original packaging for a simple book or an electronic product (the protection of the product is preferred here) but for other products it may be necessary.

The Packaging Has 3 Main Functions

The exterior: this is the customer’s first impression; it provides initial protection for the package and ensures its maintenance.

The interior padding: this is the second protection of the package, the most important because it must resist and absorb shocks. The packaging should not be too large because the product can wander around in its packaging and to remedy this padding will be important and will be expensive.

Aesthetics: the packaging being the first contact between the e-merchant and the customer, it is preferable to put all the chances on your side by inserting the product in a sober but effective packaging. And why not offer additional personalization services such as personalized labels for a gift in addition to the product.

To Customize the Packaging or Not

If you manage your logistics internally, it is always possible to personalize your packaging, especially since it remains a good vector of communication. But it is still quite expensive. But for a logistics provider, it is not advisable to make personalized packaging for each e-merchant who has outsourced their logistics to you. Economically but also temporally, it is too costly. A possible solution in both cases is to personalize not the cardboard but the tape on the cardboard.

The Main Solution

The simplest and most effective solution remains the packaging company with many packaging already pre-franked. It offers a full service from packaging to delivery to the customer against a signature, through proof of deposit and package tracking.

You also have the option of buying unpaid cardboard boxes and then franking them directly online on the site. The time to receive, process the order and prepare the package, the customer will receive his package in 3 or 4 days. However, you should not attract customers with shorter delivery times than your competitors if you cannot meet them later.

Parcel Tracking

Thanks to the code on the label, the logistics provider has the possibility of carrying out precise tracking of the package. The customer can follow his package himself, which will prevent you from being inundated with calls or emails. Thanks to the label, the code on it, and the various tracking systems, it is nowadays almost impossible to lose a package. For this, it is still necessary to respect some conditions concerning this label:

  • Avoid any area where it could be damaged or torn off.
  • Stick it on a cardboard surface if possible.
  • Insert a sleeve or plastic film to protect it.

In the event that your package is lost, regain all your rights to our article concerning lost merchandise.


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